1st Class Insurance: All You Need To Know To Save Pennies In Case Any Accident Happens!

Driving a car, a road trip, or a fun hangout with family is all fine until you wreck somebody’s car in an accident, get a dent by rash motorcycle drivers or hit yourself at a traffic light. The only thing that can be assuaging and feels like a ray of hope in a car catastrophe scenario is car insurance.

Accidents, wrecks, and dents are inevitable, but one can use ประกันชั้น1 insurance as a cushion to support the financial drain. Wondering why to choose ประกันชั้น1? This post will break it down for you.

Top Reasons why 1 st class insurance is the best choice

Covering the expense of almost everything ranging from stolen cars to third-party liabilities is very crucial. Car insurance type-1 covers damage loss for every possible accident caused by a car collision. Some other things First class car insurance covers-

  • Collision of cars – Insurance money is used to pay when a car needs repair or rebuilt when mutual collisions occur
  • Damage due to floods and earthquakes, and other natural disasters are covered under the plan.
  • Damage to one car when collided with random road objects- Hitting a footpath and electric pole can cause havoc to your car. Insurance money can help you save some extra repair expenses.
  • Lost/ stolen car
  • Damage caused due to fire
  • Damage to life, body, and health
  • Property damage
  • Third-party liabilities include property damage or loss of life/any body part
  • Medical expenses of the third party
  • Bail – If anyone dies in an accident, the money could help bail the driver depending on the sum of insurance selected.

The insurance company also covers the expense of transportation of damaged cars and provides 24-hour forklift service.

Summary- First Class Insurance is a go-to option!

One can choose a car repair plan from a broad catalog of insurance plans. Also added benefit is to avail discounts based on the driver, provincial registration car, and insured occupation discounts. Also, if you use a front camera, you are more likely to get added discounts.

Another crucial factor that plays a massive role while deciding on car insurance is the firm one chooses. Many customers must trust the service, and paperwork should be efficient and quick. Car insurance first class is a transparent and quick process when signed up with a reliable firm. If not, it is nothing less than an invitation to hassle and problematic situations.

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