2020 Review of Insuranks.com: A Leading Insurance Educational & Comparison Website

Website: https://www.insuranks.com

Rating: 5/5

If you’re from the US and in search of the best insurance company offering the finest deals on the market, this review is for you.

With thousands of insurance companies available today, choosing the right one becomes a challenge. The last thing you want to do is put your money on an insurance company that is not there when you need it most in your life. Hence, this is why Insuranks.com should become a place you regularly visit before buying insurance.

Insuranks.com is a leading insurance comparison site and consumer-education resource. Israeli business person and digital marketer, Ofir Sahar, founded it in order to connect consumers with the best insurers in the U.S. and make sure they have proper background on each company and product before investing their money in them. Though based in Israel, the website continuously helps Americans make better insurance investments and choices, while making them smarter about insurance. All for free.

What are the benefits of using Insuranks.com?

The best feature of the website is having an online resource tool wherein, based on the consumer’s profile, the system can run a comparison check on the insurance companies’ quotes, consumer reviews, offered products and services, and prices.

This means you can cut down on research time since you don’t have to browse for several hours to find information because Insuranks will narrow down your options. All you need to do is compare the results shown to you after running the system check. You can easily identify which companies have the best customer rating, and what products and services are being offered. The rest of the information such as contact details, insurance policies, and processes are also provided.

Another benefit that consumers can enjoy by using the website is having access to hundreds of online resources such as guides, tips, information, product reviews, case studies, and more. It is a known fact that knowledge is power. Hence, the more knowledgeable you are about insurance as well as about insurers before buying insurance, the more likely you are to choose the best insurance company and product for your own needs and budget.

Which companies have Insuranks.com partnered with?

There are over 100 insurance companies that are currently in partnership with Insuranks.com. From innovative technology newcomers like Lemonade, Ladder, Sproutt, Fabric, Next and Root, to aged and reputed insurers like Allstate, Allianz, AXA, Amica, Progressive, Hiscox and many more. You will find important information about each company before making a decision to try them as Insuranks.com reviews each company themselves in addition to user reviews that follow at the company page. A wide variety of insurance lines are available for comparison through the website, which includes: Auto insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Home insurance, Travel insurance, Pet insurance, Business insurance,  Medicare & Cyber insurance.

InsuranceCompetitors.com’s Conslusion: 5/5 Rating

There is nothing better than relying on social proofs to determine credibility. Having said, we recommend leveraging Insuranks to reassure that you are making the right buying decision and get the most benefits from insurance companies and policies.

In addition to its 5/5 stellar online rating from consumers, all of the above lead our editorial team to rate them 5/5 as well. The team determined this rating by conducting research and analysing the data they have gathered. The scoring formula considered the following aspects when rating the company: accuracy and quality of the website’s content, fairness, comparison speed, range of companies and topics covered, user-friendliness of the site, and availability of online tools and resources. On all of these, Insuranks.com excelled.

This is an excellent rating and only a few insurance websites can reach this score and Insuranks.com receives it thanks to its dedication to American insurance consumer education. This only goes to show that Insuranks.com is a trusted website for American consumers in relation to getting insurance education as well as comparing insurance online.

More about the Company

While Insuranks.com is not an insurance provider, it is one of the best places to rely on when deciding which insurance company and policy to purchase. It’s one of the insurtech companies that understands the challenges faced by both consumers and insurance companies and provides not only solutions but most especially value to both.

As we navigate through life, the importance of having an insurance becomes apparent. This is because insurance brings about a financial safety net which helps you take care of your loved ones and yourself when times get tough.

However, knowing what insurance policy to purchase and from which company, becomes a challenge. Having a reliable website such as Insuranks on your side, within your set of tools, to get all the necessary information from and help you with your decision is vital, beneficial and saves you plenty of time, money and burden.

To learn more about the company, please visit www.insuranks.com.

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