An Overview of Vehicle Inspection for Car Insurance

Insurance companies enforce many precautions to ensure that claims made are genuine ones. Afterall, fraud has permeated so many areas of business that one can never be too careful. Insurance providers have much security in place to protect themselves and their customers. As part of their security checks, many providers conduct a vehicle inspection when an individual seeks to buy a car insurance policy.

Insurance companies want to be sure that they issue legit policies and honour genuine claims. So, vehicle inspection may be done to:

  • Check for automobile damage that exists prior to policy purchase
  • Ensure that the car is real and not part of a scam
  • Prevent fake theft claims being filed

A car insurance company will ideally request an inspection in one of the following scenarios:

  • Gap in policy

If a motorist fails to renew their car insurance policy by its due date, the policy will lapse. In such a situation, the insurance provider will have to re-examine the vehicle before issuing a fresh policy.

  • Change in ownership

If a vehicle has a new owner, the insurance policy too may get transferred over. If this change in policy name occurs, the vehicle will have to be inspected by the insurance company.

  • Filing of a claim

When a claim is filed under a car insurance policy, the company sends over a surveyor to assess the damages sustained and ensure that the claim raised is a genuine one.

These are some of the main circumstances under which a vehicle inspection is required. Each insurance provider may have their own list of situations that call for a vehicle to be checked. It is always advisable to comply with any such inspection request.

There are also certain cases in which an insurance company might not need to inspect the vehicle being covered. Some of these scenarios include:

  • Timely renewal of policy

If a person renews their car insurance policy before it expires, the provider may not conduct a vehicle check.

  • Purchase of third-party insurance

Buying third-party vehicle insurance does not call for an inspection of one’s own vehicle.

During the process of car inspection, the vehicle is thoroughly examined for any signs of damage that may have existed from before policy purchase. As a part of this examination, the inspector may take pictures for the company record. They may also request you to provide the vehicle chassis and registration number. Any accessories that did not come as original fittings from the car company will also be noted. It is advisable to cooperate with the surveyor during the entire process as it ensures the smooth functioning of the insurance company in executing its duties for our benefit.

As a vehicle owner, a car insurance policy is one of the most essential products in your insurance portfolio. Make sure to review all the available options online with the help of aggregator websites. Take your time and choose comprehensive coverage that will truly protect your finances if your vehicle is ever involved in a mishap. We hope this article has been helpful.

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