Apply for A Commercial Auto Insurance to Protect Your Business

Commercial vehicles are a part of many businesses. Irrespective of whether your company utilizes one van or a fleet of vehicles, securing commercial auto insurance is very beneficial. Selecting the right insurance coverage is vital to protect your income and business. No matter who is driving, your business stays protected.

Why not personal auto insurance?

Commercial vehicles require a separate policy since they are more on the road and thus are exposed to a higher risk than personal vehicles. Personal and commercial auto insurance share many similarities in terms of protection but the one prime difference is that he latter protects you and your business from uncovered liabilities in the event of accidents.  It also covers collision and uninsured motorists.

If you are looking for suitable commercial auto insurance in Georgia, American Insurance Brokers Inc (AIB) helps you in connecting with the apt insurance coverage as per your needs.  Settling for the wrong level of coverage is equally bad as not being insured and their team would find the right one for you.


  • Higher limits: Every time when you or your employee uses your commercial vehicle, there is a risk of accidents which would result in expensive lawsuits. When there are punitive damages, the liability costs may even be in 6 figures. Commercial insurance comes with higher policy limits thus covering the liabilities.
  • Safeguards business equipment: Many business owners may always carry equipment and tools in their commercial vehicle. It could be hydraulic lifts or catering equipment that makes repair and maintenance work simpler. The insurance policy covers damages of business equipment too.
  • Protects employees: Since you are the business owner, the employees who drive your business vehicle will count on you for their safety. Employees are the driving force of a business. A commercial auto insurance policy keeps them protected.
  • Matches the fleet lease requirements: If you have acquired your business vehicles on lease, the lease company would want you to get a commercial auto insurance so as to minimize the losses in case of unfortunate incidents.

The aim is to safeguard your business assets from liabilities and lawsuits. Commercial insurance coverage is a mandatory protection for you and your business. Anytime you are operating a business vehicle which is covered by insurance, and there’s an accident, the policy covers your vehicle and other vehicles involved in the accident. Work with an insurance agent and work the right coverage plan for your needs.

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