Help For Atlanta’s Homeless From Philanthropist M Patrick Carroll

While successful businessmen work so hard to ensure their businesses’ progress, they also choose to help other individuals, communities, and foundations that target the well-being of others. M Patrick Carroll, who doubles as the CEO and Founder of CARROLL, an Atlanta-based real estate investment firm, is one such philanthropic individual.

CARROL’s Donation to HOPE Atlanta

HOPE Atlanta, a non-profit organization that deals with fighting and preventing homelessness, received a donation of $250,000 from M Patrick Carroll’s CARROLL. The program provides housing and food to 16,000 households distributed in 31 North Georgia and metro Atlanta counties. Due to the charitable deeds, CARROLL has also committed to making contributions annually to this group.

Impacts of CARROLL’s Donation

The donations made by CARROLL towards HOPE Atlantas homeless project have enabled the charity group to provide 80 families with emergency housing for one month. The group has also offered 3,000 homeless individuals housing options for the long term. The donation will also provide permanent housing, utility, and security deposit and the initial and last month’s rents for 40 veterans. The donation by CARROLL will enable the HOPE Atlanta group to assist more families faced with housing insecurity and economic hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to M Patrick Carroll, his organization aims to invest in the lives of the communities around it and positively impact their livelihood.

M Patrick’s Strong Philanthropic Belief

Apart from running CARROLL, a well-respected name in the real estate industry, M Patrick Carroll believes in offering support to the community. He strongly supports giving back to the community and encourages his company employees to assist with the contributions. CARROLL has given donations amounting to about $500,000 to the non-profit organizations in Metro Atlanta. The organization has made donations to the food banks in Dallas, Denver, Texas, and Colorado, with M Patrick Carroll personally committing to continued support to the food banks in the Southeast region.

Pandemic Era Support from M Patrick Carroll

During the Covid-19 pandemic, M Patrick Carroll provided the means to access government aid aside from donating gift cards and cash to the affected families. He also provided meals for hospital staff and even encouraged other business leaders to extend their help to the affected individuals.

M Patrick’s Empowerment and inspiring Roles

M Patrick Carroll was born in Richmond, Virginia, and spent most of his childhood in Tampa, Florida. He worked as a clothing rep after graduating from high school as he prepared for a career in real estate. M Patrick Carroll established CARROLL real estate investment in 2004 and gained expertise in buying and selling properties in Atlanta. M Patrick has been able to offer support to more than 50 organizations dealing with charity worldwide. His desire and dedication to impact others have seen him focus on charities while inspiring others to follow in his steps. He also serves as a role model for youths through motivational speaking. He provides scholarships and is among the board of directors of the Tampa Boys and Girls Club.


Established in 1994, CARROLL deals with construction oversight, investment management, and property management. The company has completed more than $250 million worth of construction management, raised more than $2.7 billion in equity, holds more than $5 billion in assets it manages, and has played a significant role in developing real estate assets worth over $12.9 billion. The company manages about 30,000 units in the Southeast. It also offers fund management activities and services dealing with asset and property management. CARROLL conducts extensive research, monitoring, and evaluation to discover investments that look promising. The company takes advantage of markets that seem ignored to make its investments.

Through the philanthropic work of the company and the leadership of M Patrick Carroll, the company is not only a market leader but an inspiring force seeking to change the lives of the community. M Patrick’s and CARROLL’s success can only be attributed to his ambition and excellent leadership skills.

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