How To Ensure You Are Financially Prepared For Hurricane Season

There’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety that’s associated with processing hurricane laura insurance claims. For some people, the process alone is a burden, while the hurricane’s impact can be detrimental to their finance. There’s a lot of precaution given to property damage, but the financial burden of the effects of a hurricane is often forgotten.

Regardless of the income bracket you belong to, it is essential to prepare for the economic effects of a hurricane. If you have a fool-proof strategy developed before the hurricane season, you and your family will not have to struggle with the aftermath.

Here are some of the strategies you should adopt to help you get through hurricane season. 

  • Have An Emergency Credit Card

You should have a credit card that you keep specifically to help you through hurricane season. Not only will it help you to verify your emergency expenditure, but it’ll also help you purchase essential supplies if you’re affected by a hurricane.

  • Have Some Cash At Hand

Once you start hearing warnings of a possible hurricane, you should ensure that you keep some cash in an easy to reach area. The chances are that after a hurricane, you won’t be able to access ATMs and other financial institutions. Once an area floods, there may be electricity loss, which is vital in such amenities.

  • Have An Emergency Fund

You have to have an emergency fund even when you aren’t aware of a hurricane hitting. You can put aside a few dollars every week from your wages. Target your emergency fund to hit a goal of covering your expenses for a few days or weeks. Even if the weather patterns change, you never know when disaster strikes. Keep saving until you feel the amount is significant enough to cover unexpected expenses.

  • Make Sure To Flood Proof Vital Documents

Before the hurricane hits, you should try to keep safe vital financial records, your medical and property insurance, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. If you can, store them in a sealable plastic bag. You will want to avoid the hassle of trying to replace these documents if they’ve been damaged by water.

  • Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

Once the hurricane season begins, you want to review your insurance coverage. Confirm any details about the property and home coverage and make sure that you know all the changes. Knowing what your insurance policy will provide enables you to have peace of mind and allow you to have a fast and issue-free recovery process. Also, you will have a clear picture of what to expect during your home repair.

  • Cover All Bases

Even if the thought of a hurricane can be unsettling, try to stay calm and cover all the bases. Ensure that you’ve serviced your vehicle to prepare for possible evacuation and have an emergency bag ready in preparation to stay in a hotel. You also want to ensure that you’ve prepared for a first aid kit with essential medication and a convenience pack with batteries and torches.

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