Some accidents are minor, and some are major. Sometimes the accidents are so significant that I can cause long term disability. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip-and-fall accidents can be so severe sometimes that they cause long term disability. Sometimes it so happens that the disability happens due to no fault of yours in such a situation, it is crucial that you contact your Personal Injury Lawyer Scarborough. Consulting a lawyer will help you become more apparent as to how to go about filing an insurance claim and also file a lawsuit for compensation.

What happens in the case of slip and fall?

Slip and fall can either cause severe injury or, in some cases, not even a scratch. Significant injuries can sometimes cause long term disability, which not causes physical distress but also emotional and financial. Filing from compensation can be quite a task, as you would have to collect the evidence, and the lawyer would help you to do the same. When you do file for a claim, the at-fault party would not readily settle it and would try to counter your claim or bring down the amount of the claim. Having an experienced lawyer will help you to get what you truly deserve.

What is LTD insurance, and how does it work?

Certain accidents like motorbike accidents and car accidents and even slip and fall can cause long-term disability. The benefits of Long-term disability usually cover about 60% to 70% of your income. If the accident has taken place at your workplace, then the workplace insurance comes into play. The benefits of long term disability are also available in cases of long disabling illnesses or diseases. The long-term disability insurance premiums can be paid for either by you or by the employer. You could also split the premiums. However, the premiums you pay by yourself are not taxed, whereas the employers’ payments would be.

When you are opting for a Long Term disability, the policy will spell out what qualifies as long term disability and what doesn’t. Most of the policies usually call for a change in the eligibility test after two years of the disability to determine whether you would continue to get compensation or not. The meaning of long-term disability isn’t always straightforward. This fact is usually used by the insurers. They often cite misrepresentations or mistakes made when the premium is purchased. In such a situation, it is crucial to have a lawyer to look into the matter and ensure that the insurance company complies.

Why should you opt for a lawyer?

When you have to claim long term disability, it is always the best bet to opt for an experienced lawyer as they know how to go about it. They are well aware of how the insurance companies function and will help you find your way around getting the claim you genuinely deserve. When you decide on a lawyer make sure that they have the necessary experience.

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