How You Can Protect Yourself from Sexual Abuse

Today, the rise of girls, boys, women, and even men being sexually assaulted has risen rapidly. People that are sexually assaulted live to blame themselves. Remember, it is never the victim’s fault. Most of these people who assault others know what they are doing and are manipulative enough to make you feel guilty. Recently, in New York, there have been many cases of priests sexually abusing their church members and even other people. This has made most New York priest sexual abuse lawyers to be on the run. To ensure that you are safe, here are some tips that you can use to protect yourself from sexual assault.

Have Alcohol Limits

Even though it is never the victim’s fault, sometimes it is the victim that triggers the assault. Research states that most sexual assault cases involve alcohol. This is why you should always know your limits. Go out and have fun but make sure you are never wasted. Most people will take advantage of you when you are wasted and cannot fight back. Having alcohol limits will save you from a lot of trouble.

Watch Over Your Drink

Whenever you are out with your friends, always keep an eye on your drink. Never trust anyone to watch over your drink for you. You should also not drink anyone else’s drink but yours. Attackers can slip drugs into your drink that may make you sleepy or even pass out. This way, they will take advantage of you without the worry of you fighting back. The sad thing is that even the priests accused of sexual assault in New York are suspected of using this trick.

Believe your guts

Guts never lie. Leave the room if you are in a room with someone, either your brother, father, priest, or even friend, and you feel like something is off. Trust in your guts. You may be subconsciously processing body language without even knowing. This is your life, and you do not have to explain why you left the room. Also, ensure that you head in a direction with many people. This will discourage an attacker from pursuing you.

Hang Around Your Friends

Always attend parties and places with a lot of people with your friends. Also, during these events, stay near the people you trust. This way, if there is someone there planning to attack, they will not get a single chance to pursue you. If you will meet someone, ask your friend to come along with you. When leaving the house, always ensure that at least one of your friends knows your whereabouts. Also, carry a fully charged phone and keep it on always.


With rising cases of sexual assault, you must learn ways you can protect yourself. Of course, you never know when someone has planned to attack you, but you can always be prepared. This article has provided amazing ways to ensure that you are safe. Remember, never trust anyone no matter how friendly they may be or look like.

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