Reasons to Lease a Car Versus Buying


Every year new cars are released onto the market. Each year newer and better amenities are available. You can purchase these cars but what if next year something new and better comes out and you want to buy it. Unfortunately, if you trade off your vehicle you run the risk of ending up underneath on your loan.

Meaning that you owe more than the car’s value. Along with that, if you are in an area you don’t plan on staying long then it is a much easier process to get rid of the car when your time is up. There are many reasons that vehicle leasing in Dallas is a better option than buying in some situations.

Trade Frequently

The younger generations love the amenities of newer vehicles. But they are not settled in their decisions. Every few years they may want to trade their car off for the newest and best car or truck. So the option of leasing may offer them a better option for this. A perk to purchasing a car is that if you pay the entire loan off then you have a car to show for it.

Versus a leasing option where you just pay a dealership for the use of their car and then have to give it back. However, if you are going to trade your purchased car off before the term of the loan then you will likely end up underneath on the vehicle. So either way you won’t end up with anything after the term of the loan. So in this case it would look better on your credit to not have a car loan and just lease.

Not Staying Long Term

For some people staying long term in a certain area is not possible. There are some occupations that require people to move often. And oftentimes these moves are overseas where moving a car isn’t possible. So for people who work in the oilfield or the services then leasing a car may be the best option.

A lot of people like to live an adventurous lifestyle and part of this may be moving around a lot. Being able to pick up and go at a drop of a hat is a blessing for some people. So if your life plan is to not stay in an area for very long then you may consider vehicle leasing in Dallas so that you can simply take the vehicle back instead of waiting on a buyer.

Don’t Drive As Much

If you drive less than a few miles a day then the leasing option may be a good option. This is because the maintenance and note that you would pay on a purchased car would hardly be worth the trouble of how much you use the car. Along with that if you own a car then you are responsible for the maintenance and the costs if it breaks down. Where as if your leased car starts to have problems you can just take it back. It’s like renting a house. The homeowner is responsible for any repairs that need to be made.


Today’s young people do not pride themselves in ownership as much as the last few generations. So leasing a vehicle is a good idea for young people who are more unsettled in their decisions. Today’s market is not in favor of young people attaining large loans. Kids these days are being coached to save money, go to college and then get big jobs. This is not conducive to car or house payments. So for kids these days leasing is often a good option.

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