Static Caravan Insurance – Choosing an Ideal Insurance for Your Caravan

What is Static Caravan Insurance?

A static caravan is a permanent site, and as an owner, it is necessary to have static caravan insurance. The plumbing work and electrical connections in it make your caravan gain status of permanence.

If you own a permanent caravan, make sure to insure it just like you insure your other residence in which you stay. The insurance helps you to claim the amount for the damage due to a storm or theft. You can also click here to get more details and explore the benefits of static caravan insurance.

Consideration for Buying a Static Caravan Insurance

The main features that you should consider while buying static caravan insurance are effectiveness and affordability. Think before you buy the cheapest premium insurance for your caravan that gives full cover. Never buy any insurance if you get a low premium quote. It is necessary to research the coverage that the insurance provides your caravan.

The following are few points that should consider before buying a static caravan insurance policy:

Coverage of the Insurance Policy

Insurance as per the area of your static caravan: For example, if your caravan is in an area that is prone to storms, will the insurance cover damage against storms? If the site area has experienced flooding in the past, then the insurance policy needs to cover damage against floods.

How about the debris and re-siting cost? Is it included in the insurance policy? It is always better to make yourself ready for any worst condition rather than being unprepared.

Does your insurance policy include extras such as coverage for personal accidents?

What Kind of Insurance Cover is Best Suited?

When you buy any static caravan insurance policy, it needs to be of the highest quality. The policy should be such which assures protection to your caravan in any condition. You will get two different options when you buy static caravan insurance they are:


Replacement of the old to the new one is called reinstatement. The coverage of the caravan includes replacing a new static caravan. Similar to the old one in case of damage. In a total loss situation, you get a replacement like your old model or something similar to it available in the market. The replacement cost is limited to the worth of insurance that you have purchased.

To make this plan efficient, you will have to keep the value of replacement updated. It is best suited for newer caravans.

Market Value

The market value insurance is called indemnity. It is an insurance policy that covers the caravan cost as per your decision to cover. In such insurance policies, the insurance company evaluates the condition and current age of your caravan. It means the value may be much less than what you must have paid for your static caravan. It is a kind of insurance policy best suited for older static caravans.

What are the Coverages of this Insurance?

Damage Caused by a Vehicle

To take insurance for your caravan is a wise decision if it sits on a highway or any road accessibility. You would not like a sight where a reckless driver dashes your caravan. It might damage your caravan beyond any chances of repair. Investing in a damaged caravan without any insurance cover will cost you dearly.

The insurance policy that you buy should cover any damage to your caravan by the vehicle. You will not like to keep a destroyed static caravan. The insurance claim will help you repair your damaged caravan and bring it back to its original state. The cost you might incur in the repair is minimum, as most of it gets covered by insurance.

Vandalism and Theft

If your caravan has valuable items like a laptop, high-quality appliances, television, or any expensive electronics, your insurance policy needs to cover them also. Any break-in situation in your caravan resulting in theft or even vandalizing, the insurance policy will help you recover the cost of replacement and damage.

Cost of Re-Siting

If the cost of the damage is more than the caravan itself or it is not repairable, your insurance coverage helps you in the cost of re-siting. Make sure you have bought an insurance policy that covers the risk of vehicle damage, storm, and fire. The cost of debris removal must also be there in your insurance policy. The cost of utility reinstallation for a new caravan must also be covered in your insurance policy.

Damage by Storm

You can relax if you have an insurance policy for your static caravan in case of a storm that causes damage in no time. Your insurance policy will provide cost cover against any storm. The insurance covers damages due to fires, big storms, and tree falling. It means any loss due to the natural calamity, and the static caravan stays protected.

Unforeseen Activities Needs Coverage

There are things in life that are uncertain. You should be ready for anything worse in your life. Some unforeseen events in life are impossible to stop, but the best you can do is cover all your risks. Taking an insurance policy is always a wise decision. It gives a cost and risk cover to you and your things. 

Nobody wishes to incur the unnecessary cost which takes birth due to any unforeseen activities. Paying a premium for your insurance policy would seem costly, but the coverage you get in case of a loss is worth paying it.

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