Step-by-Step Guidelines to Renew Insurance for Bike

Want to know everything about the renewal of bike insurance online? Here are step-by-step guidelines to get an updated policy for your two-wheeler.

We all know that riding a bike without valid insurance is a liable offence in India. But apart from the legal implications, insurance is vital because it provides your vehicle risk coverage against accidental damages, natural calamities or malicious activities like vandalism, theft, and riots.

Not to mention insurance can save you a ton of money on repairs. Hence, it’s imperative that your two-wheeler insurance policy must be up-to-date. Thanks to digitalisation, renewal for insurance plans has become a piece of cake. Unlike traditional modes that are time-consuming and strenuous, the online process is easy, convenient and quick.

That’s not all. Online renewal of bike insurance is cost-effective, provides reviews and suggestions, and ensures complete transparency since it’s free from agents and brokers. Not to mention, the web platform offers you the option of continuing with your previous service provider or switching on to a new insurance company. You can also insert, modify or remove the add-ons available with the policy. Moreover, it allows you to browse and compare policies from a range of insurers with just a few clicks to choose the one that meets your requirements.

Important Documents Needed for Renewal of Insurance Policy:

  • Current policy for reference
  • Driving license
  • Registration certificate of the insured two-wheeler vehicle
  • Make and model, year of purchase, engine capacity
  • A debit/credit card or Net Banking details

Step-by-Step Guidelines:

  • Visit the website of the insurance provider and click on the ‘two-wheeler insurance’ tab. Navigate to the renewal option and select the appropriate window (Other company renewal or same company renewal.)
  • Punch in all the relevant information like existing policy number, bike details, and policy expiration date, etc. as directed by the web portal on the screen. Set the IDV, furnish the add-ons you want with your base policy and then press the search button.
  • The system will exhibit the renewal premium applicable to you as per your selection.
  • Next, advance to the payment gateway. You can choose Net Banking/Debit/ Credit cards or any payment mode. Make sure to check all the details carefully before final submission.
  • A PDF file of the renewed policy along with a digital signature, will then be generated. Download the document and secure a copy for future reference. Take out a printout and keep it handy while riding. A hard copy of the policy document will be subsequently dispatched by the company.

As you can see insurance renewal via the web route is a cinch. The entire process can be accomplished with just a few clicks from your comfort zone. Now that you know how to go about it, what are you waiting for? Be a law-abiding citizen and take the renewal of insurance for bike seriously by giving precedence to updating your two-wheeler insurance before it lapses.

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