What Is a Vehicle Fitness Certificate, and How to Get One?

As a vehicle owner in India, you must always carry a few necessary documents. The same is stated in the Motor Vehicles Act, which lays the foundation and guides all the rules related to vehicles and traffic in India.

One such vehicle that you need to have is a valid Vehicle Fitness Certificate. It is an official document certifying that your vehicle is fit to run on the roads. When you buy a new vehicle, you will receive a Fitness Certificate whose validity will last a few years.

After that, you must renew the certificate with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to comply with the rules. The RTO will renew your fitness certificate after thoroughly inspecting your vehicle.

How to Apply for a Fitness Certificate?


The process of applying for a vehicle’s fitness certificate is relatively simple. The process can be completed online by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Parivahan portal.
  2. From the list of online services, select “Vehicle Related Services.”
  3. Next, from the drop-down list, choose your state of residency.
  4. Enter the car’s VIN on the following screen and press the “Proceed” button.
  5. Click “Apply for Fitness Certificate” and follow the on-screen directions. Accept the directions and press “Proceed.”
  6. Enter the registered mobile phone and the vehicle’s chassis number, then click “Generate OTP.
  7. Then, enter the OTP. Verify the same, and enter the information for your car insurance.
  8. Then click “Payment” and pay the fees.
  9. After this, the portal will generate an application number.
  10. Download the receipt.
  11. Next, visit the RTO with your vehicle and all the necessary documents.

Here, the RTO will thoroughly inspect your vehicle. It may suggest necessary repairs for technical defects. Remember, unless and until the RTO is not satisfied with your vehicle’s condition, you will not receive your fitness certificate.


The offline process is not too different from the online one. To apply offline, follow the steps below –

  • Gather all the necessary forms. You can take them from the RTO or find them online on the Parivahan portal.
  • Next, fill in the information and gather the needed documentation.
  • Submit the forms with the documents in the RTO and pay the fees.
  • Finally, take your vehicle for an inspection on the assigned date.
  • Once your vehicle clears the inspection, the RTO will issue you a Fitness Certificate.

How to Download Your FC?

To download your FC –

  • Visit the Parivahan portal, go to “Online Services,” and click on “Vehicle Related Services.”
  • Choose your state, fill vehicle registration number, and proceed.
  • Click “Download Document” and print the fitness certificate.
  • Fill in the asked details and click “Verify Details.” Proceed to download the document as directed.

Wrapping Up

The fitness certificate for a newly bought vehicle (4-wheeler or 2-wheeler) is 15 years. Post that, you will have to renew it every 5 years to avoid it. Ensure you have a valid FC at all times. You may attract a hefty penalty if you cannot produce your FC certificate. So, be safe than sorry!


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