What’s the difference between gaming and gambling?

Both online and land-based gambling has the same goal – to win money – and the same dangers – to lose it. The fact is that gambling has the thrill of anticipation which is why people come back in hopes of that big win and also because of the thrill of the game.

On the other hand, gaming is considered an online social casino. Gaming doesn’t have the possibility of winning money and is mostly free and those who participate know that they won’t receive any of their money back. Therefore, there is no uncertainty in the game and without it; we can’t really call it gambling.

Different Mentalities

Social players and gamblers don’t have the same motifs for playing casino games. Gamblers love to play blackjack card game online in Canada and most are actually very social and love the apps because they can interact with other players through its features. Players can send gifts or dices and talk in the chat.

Sports Betting

Recently, the social online casino industry has ventured into sports betting. In a recent venture with 14 sports types, users had the ability to wager via their in-game chips and the reaction was excellent with more than 30 million bets during the first launch.

The main reason for the opting for social sports betting instead of real-money sports betting was that people love sports and they enjoy being a part of something without the need to spend money.

Loot Boxes

There have been concerns that social casino will provide traditional options for some players. Recently, the emergences of loot boxes put additional pressure on the industry with some players buying the loot boxes in order to quickly advance through the game. Loot boxes contain a random thing from the game that can be used for winning the game. These can be received by playing the game but there is also the possibility to buy them.

Some games like Fortnite don’t provide a guarantee on the loot boxes. A player who buys a loot box might get nothing from it. Therefore, it is a gamble. This is causing a lot of concern within the industry. Some countries have already instituted a loot box ban.

There have been a lot of studies trying to find the link between gaming and gambling sector but no definite links.

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