Why is Personal Accident Insurance One of the Most Important Cover?

Imagine heading for a client meeting when another vehicle crashed into your car. Somehow you got saved but sustained fractures on both your arms and got bedridden for three months. You need to pay all the expenses from your own pocket without any chance of filling that again in the next three months. Sounds like a nightmare? Mishaps such as accidents always come unannounced. With streets like that of India and the rush of fast-pacing life, accidents have become quite common. While the Indian government has made it mandatory for every vehicle on the Indian roads to at least have a third-party or liability only insurance, personal accident insurance is of greater importance for any individual. Personal Accident Insurance lets you enjoy financial stability even after switching a loss. Such a policy works as a buffer against any unforeseen situation. It gives you peace of mind.

Let’s see how a Personal Accident Insurance helps you in the hour of need.

Disability gets Covered

Disabilities are generally seen as the aftermath of an accident, sometimes temporary or sometimes permanent. A policyholder can claim insurance for any loss incurred. Say a person lost a limb and got a partial hearing disorder. His policy will get it covered for him. But what if someone just lost a finger? Or his eyesight? Any kind of disability makes you eligible of claiming the insurance if that is specified in the policy. So choose a policy wisely and after considering everything.

Medical Expenses are sorted

Everyone knows how a minor medical emergency can cost them a fortune. But if you are a policyholder, your policy has your back. It even covers other expenses such as ambulance charges, daycare charges, and even funeral expenses in case of the person’s demise.

Vehicle and home modification Benefits

 In case you need to get to your office in the wheelchair bound condition and you do not have any personal conveyance, you can claim a vehicle, as specified in the policy. You can also ask for compensation for these extra charges

Reaching out to the Family

If you are admitted to a hospital far off from your place, the expense of your family traveling to come to see you in the hospital will be taken care of by the policy. In the case of the policy holder’s death, the compensation is disbursed to the family. The insurance will take care of the education of the children/young ones of the family.

Make sure to understand the terms and conditions properly before buying the insurance. Get a clear picture of the definition of disability, under which situation can you claim the insurance. Some may consider the loss of an index finger as a disability while others may not. Some may mention that hospitalization within 7 days of the accident will be counted as eligible for the claim. To avoid such situations, it is always advisable to read and understand the terms and conditions before opting for any insurance. You can also get a comprehensive health insurance to stay protected all around.

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