Is Pay Per Mile Worth It For Your Car Insurance? 

While you’re out on the internet perusing the choices you may have when it comes to insurance offerings, you may come across something called ‘pay-per-mile’ although it offers a hefty discount to some, it can also be unhelpful to others, so let’s look into this unique offering and help you choose between the best car insurance companies in Saratoga Springs.

Defining Pay-Per-Mile

Many insurers offer low mileage discounts that are designed to help those who are prone to driving less. This is based on a certain amount of factors, and often not everyone is eligible for this type of insurance. 

Of all the low mileage discounts, a popular one is pay-per-mile. It is essentially a manner in which to get a discount if you’re a driver who drives less or sporadically. It’s a usage-based coverage option made for those who drive very, very infrequently. 

Unlike other low-distance driving insurance which insures you for a certain amount of miles per year, pay-per-mile lets you pay for only the driving you do, as opposed to a final sum. This is a great choice for parents who stay at home, retirees and people who are disabled, to name a few. 

How Does It All Work?

Any customers who purchase pay-per-mile car insurance often pay a basic minimum coverage that covers the car itself, and then add on. A minor price for each mile travelled. The parameters that define the fees for the base rate and the mileage rate will include things such as the vehicle is driven, the driver’s history, age, gender, zip code and the reason they aren’t driving as much.

Many insurance companies track these miles by installing a mile tracker into the car’s OBD port under the dashboard to track the mileage. Many cars can use a plug-in device, while electric cars need another solution. 

Many insurers who utilize a pay-per-mile system will additionally offer a mileage cap, which is an allowance for the most miles a policyholder can drive in a day and still remain insured. 

Who Benefits From Pay Per Mile? 

The following people are those who are most likely to benefit from this unique option. 

  1.     You Are Retired: If you seldom drive outside running errands and don’t commute, this might suit you. 
  2.     You Have A Second Car: If you have a car that isn’t used often, this may be a good option. 
  3.     You’re Commute Isn’t Long: If you drive around the corner for work, then this will work for you. 
  4.     You Commute Via Train or Bus: If you commute via public transport and only drive to the station or terminal, this will be good for you. 
  5.     You Work From Home: If you don’t need to commute to work at all, this coverage will work for you. 

There are of course many other reasons to not use your car,  but if you simply don’t drive it often, you should consider this form of insurance. 

How To Get Pay-Per-Mile Insurance? 

There are a few steps you can undertake to find a great provider: 

Step One: Shop Around

Start looking around online and via word of mouth to find possible insurers who suit your needs and have the right benefits for you, as well as your minimum coverage by state. 

Step Two: Get Quotes

Now that you have some options, you can get in touch with them and get a personalized quote for your pay-per-mile needs. 

Step Three: Install A Monitor

The insurance provider you choose will now give you a tracker to put into your device, this may require a mechanic. 

Step Four: Pay for The Policy

Now you can get started under the policy of your choice. 

Step Five: Track Miles

You must be aware of the driving you’re doing when it comes to pay-per-mile, so don’t forget to check that your mileage remains under the number provided by the insurer. 

Remember that if you go over the amount of miles you’re allowed you may incur fines or void your insurance, so keep the numbers in mind. 

Choose NY Insurance Hub to Help

Before you contact an insurance agency, you’ll want to choose one that is dependable in its pay-per-mile offerings and is fair to the driver in terms of affordability and coverage. This can take a lot of shopping around, so if you want to make life easier for yourself, simply get in contact with NY Insurance Hub’s team of independent agents, who can help you find the right pay-per-mile option out there for you. 

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