6 Reckless Mistakes to Avoid Soon after a Car Accident

Every year, over 6 million car accidents happen in the United States, and nearly 219,000 crashes occur in Indiana alone. Victims of these accidents may sustain short-term or permanent injuries. Being in an auto crash is traumatic for anyone.

If unfortunately, you have just been in an accident, you may not be able to make the right decisions in the heat of the moment. Any wrong or reckless moves can impede your chances of getting proper compensation or reimbursement for your pain and financial sufferings.

Not hiring a car accident lawyer can be disastrous to your situation. There are many more mistakes that you should avoid in these circumstances.

Failing to Get Medical Attention

Never make the mistake of underestimating your car accident injuries. Misjudgment on this account can hurt you later. When adrenaline runs high after the crash, you may be tempted to rise and go home. It isn’t the right thing to assume you aren’t seriously injured unless you let a doctor examine your body. Some injuries may not be visible and take days for the symptoms to surface.

If you want to file an insurance claim, you need a medical report to prove the level of injuries. Don’t downplay them even if your injuries are not life-threatening. The car accident lawyers discourage victims from declaring their okay even if they do not feel any symptoms right away. It can sabotage your case because the insurance company will use the statements against you.

So, let the first responders check your initial symptoms and go to the ER if you have visible injuries.

Failing to Call the Police

When you are involved in a car accident, where no one is hurt, and the damage is small, you may want to check your car for minor dents and drive away. It would help if you didn’t do that. Reporting the accident is essential to make your claims later on.

As soon as you call the police, an officer will come to the accident scene and collect valuable evidence that may work. The crash report prepared by police has all the necessary documents with critical information about the accident. And if the police issue a ticket to the other driver, it proves your innocence and puts them at fault.

Admitting Your Fault

You may want to feel sorry and apologize after a car crash, but it may work against you in a legal case. In many states, the courts allow the other party to quote what you said immediately after the accident.

Admitting your guilt even out of curtsy can work negatively for your case. Never try to take the blame for the crash. Let your car accident lawyer do the talking before you admit your fault or apologize.

Not Gathering Enough Evidence

Sometimes, collecting the evidence from the accident scene can give you a definite head start on your case. If you sustain serious injuries, you need immediate medical attention. But, try to gather as much evidence afterward as you can.

Take pictures of the crash site and damage to the vehicles. Also, get the contact details of the witnesses and ask for their statements. When filing a lawsuit, this information will help your attorney and strengthen your auto insurance claim.

Revealing Too Much Information to Insurance Company

Always remember that insurance adjusters will not stand on your side when you fight your car accident case. Hence, trusting the insurance company and revealing too much information can be detrimental. Even if they are friendly, they will always try to wiggle maximum details from you to make your case weaker.

Hence, attorneys recommend their clients not to reveal information that isn’t meant for the insurance company. Please don’t give them a recorded statement. Since you have a contract to fulfill, call the insurance company immediately, provide the necessary information, and don’t sign any paperwork. Let your car accident lawyer communicate with the insurers on your behalf to avoid any gaps.

Settling for a Quick Claim

Experts believe that 99.9% of the first settlement offers are below par. It may sound like an excellent option to cover your medical bills and avoid going to court. But, the consequences will work in favor of your insurance company only. With a quick offer, they can keep their profits without paying your dues or what you deserve.

Remember, you can reopen a case after settling it. Imagine if your injuries are severe than you anticipated, you won’t be able to claim medical expenses or lost wages.

Some people may even try to settle their claims without an experienced attorney. You should refrain from making this mistake because you can get 3.5 times more in a claim if you have an attorney fighting your case without any loose ends.

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