The importance of a car accident witness

When somebody gets in a car accident that was not their fault, they are entitled to get compensation for the losses that they bear. For getting the compensation that they deserve, a person will have to prove that the other driver was at fault. There are several things that play an important part in proving this fault and a car accident witness statement is very helpful. Let’s learn more about this important piece of evidence in a car accident case.

What is a car accident witness statement?

When a car accident happens and if someone was there to witness it, a recorded statement of what they saw and other important questions is known as a car accident witness statement. To get this statement, a person first sets out to find witnesses, and once they find them, they ask them several questions and write a detailed statement explaining the whole circumstance of the accident.

Who makes a credible car accident witness?

As we told you that’s the most important step in getting the statement is finding a witness. There are a few qualities that should be present in the witness so that they are credible. Let’s discuss them.

  • The most important thing is that they should be willing to come forward proactively. They should be willing to co-operate in order to share what they saw patiently.
  • A witness’s background is also very important as a person who has a recorded history of lying to the police or has a criminal record in their name is likely to be trusted less.
  • It is better if the witness is not related to the driver as it can be discredited by the insurance company because it might be biased.
  • Where they were at the time of the accident is also very important as it is essential that they had a clear view of the accident.
  • A credible witness’s story will have consistency.

What it should not include?

It is important that the witness statement is factual and truthful which is why there is absolutely no place for three things, guesses, opinions, and feelings.

Having the right kind of car accident witness statement is very important for anyone’s case as it can play an essential role in proving the fault of other drivers.

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